Juwan is in the fight of his life against Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He needs to find a blood stem cell donor before it’s too late.
This is his last chance.


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Juwan’s future should be bright.
He is the proud captain of his drumline, a National Honors Scholar, math tutor, and a volunteer at his local children’s hospital. Juwan has big dreams for his future, but sadly, those dreams might be cut short. He desperately needs a blood stem cell donor, and there are currently no matches for him on the Be The Match Registry.

Four years ago, Juwan was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He’s fought hard through chemo and other treatments, managing to keep a 4.25 GPA and become a lieutenant in his marching band in spite of it all.

Today, he is running out of time. Patients like Juwan urgently need donors who share their ethnic background, and because there is a lack of diverse donors in the registry, they have a significantly lower chance of finding a match.

Juwan hopes to someday study engineering and business, as well as teach high school percussion, but knows that his cancer is stubborn – just like him. If he is unable to find a match by the end of the school year, he and his family have decided to enjoy the time they have left together.




Not everyone has an equal chance at finding a cure,
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Black Americans
23% have
a match
3 out of 4 won’t find a matched, available donor.
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