Bella died before she could get a blood stem cell transplant. Help others like Bella before it’s too late.


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Bella in a pink cap and holder a toy car

Bella was a happy child who loved getting her nails painted pink. Growing up in Texas, she was surrounded by a loving familia, including her parents and two older brothers.

After battling leukemia at 7 months old, Bella went into remission, only to relapse one year later. Her parents reached out to Be The Match in hopes of finding a blood stem cell donor for Bella, but they knew their chances weren’t good.

Unfortunately, Hispanic patients like Bella only have a 46% chance of finding a match on the Be The Match Registry. And the only way to increase those odds is by having more Hispanic donors step forward so we can connect them to blood cancer patients.

Little Bella passed away at the age of two. She fought childhood cancer four times. To honor her memory, her parents continue to advocate on behalf of Be The Match, in hopes of connecting donors like you to patients in need.

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Hispanic Americans
46% have
a match
2 out of 4 won’t find a matched, available donor.
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