My name’s Alfredo and I have IL 10 Receptor Deficiency. As a Hispanic patient, my chances of finding a life-saving blood stem cell match are really low.

You could be my cure.

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Be The Match® helps save lives by bringing donors to the blood cancer patients who desperately need them.

Six years of suffering. One tiny immune system battling overwhelming issues like gastrointestinal pain and stunted growth. That’s what Alfredo’s endured. In fact, his disorder’s so rare, fewer than 100 people have been diagnosed with it worldwide.

As with all Hispanic patients searching on the Be The Match Registry, Alfredo only has a 46% chance of finding a match. But with your help, Alfredo can overcome the odds.

Your Race Matters

Not everyone has an equal chance at finding a cure, but your participation can help change that.

Hispanic Americans
46% have
a match
2 out of 4 won’t find a matched, available donor.
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